Friday, June 18, 2010

Time travel, can we all be 30 at once?

I remember maybe 10 years back or so, my father waxing nostalgic and sweet- proposing how much fun it would be for everyone in the family to be 30 at once- grandparents, children and grandchildren all hanging out at 30... As my 30th year ticks away and my big birthday approaches in January, and as I count the weeks until I bring a new family member into the fold... my husband and I have fun now and again thinking about this concept and playing it out in our imaginations. It would truly be sweet for sure...  

And once again going through more family slides as I look for landscapes for my etsy shop, I came across these two images that reminded me of my father's concept. 
Above is a picture of my Maternal Grandmother horsing around while on vacation. Sweet dress huh?

And here are my maternal grandparents doing what they did best, teasing, laughing and loving each other.  Yes indeed, it would be awesome to all be 30 at once. But in many ways I feel like I did see a young side of my grandparents throughout my childhood, they were always very youthful and carefree. So maybe that's the goal- to continue to be our best selves and not to put a label or expectation on age or aging....  anyway, I've read and have personally realized- how one's pregnancy is often a time of reflection on your past, your family, your childhood etc. So this photo documenting process I'm certain is a part of this whole retrospective I'm happily particiapting in plus I like these pictures and wanted to share. (remember- click on them to view larger)

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