Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A curtain, fit for our King bed

With each apartment arise fun new challenges usually surrounding storage and the like (especially if one of you is an artist and the other an avid outdoorsmen- you have a lot to store!)

Our Bedroom is one area that keeps evolving! First, back in April my mom and husband made a king headboard! And now something new.....

Background: Since we live in the downstairs of an old Victorian that once was a single family home, we have a door in our bedroom that leads out into the main hallway. With two windows to the right of the bed, and a closet and radiator at the foot of the bed.... placing our king bed in front of this door was our only option.  In order to make the bedroom more cozy and to have it feel like a contained space, my mom ever so lovingly made us a curtain that we hung over the door.

tah dah! The final result, more cozy and more like a finished/complete room!
Next on the to do list: window curtains and a light fixture update for our ceiling light! Stay tuned!

ps: detail shot of the fabric- on the headboard and of the curtain.


M. Crane said...

I would love your mom to come work some magic in my tiny little prin apartment!

abigail said...

yeah, she's really missed her calling! I'll see what I can do! lol


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