Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day gift ideas: some inspiring links...

Alpha Mom has a fun diy custom Father's day foodie gift package idea.
Craftzine will teach you how to etch glass ware for that special Dad!
Martha Stewart has some fun home made card ideas as well as tasty recipes!
Stylecrave offers a unique list of Father's Day gift ideas for the "Man's Man".
Frugal Living offers 8 cost effective ideas for Dad!
Urban Outfitters has a cool Recreaction section that is ripe with inspiration for dad.
Fashion in Motion has a variety of classic and untraditional father's day gifts, with a few world cup inspired items in the mix!
And as always I LOVE the gift of Art! and 20x200 has a lot of great work to choose from!

Hope this helps with your last minute ideas!

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