Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking back and Looking Forward- converting slides to digital

I have a bucket load of old slides that my Grandparents took over the years. Some of the images are so fabulous I felt that I should convert them to jpgs for family preservation.  My grandparents traveled a lot and thus within their collection are vintage images of Hong Kong, Paris, Egypt, etc.  The Travel images and some of the ones between, I will list as photographs to buy on my grayday etsy shop for the home.

Today was my first day using my slide attachment on our new camera. There are still a few kinks to figure out before I can list images. Mainly I need a tripod a more consistent light source, practice and ideally a light table would be awesome!  But for now here are a few of my favorite family images.

Above: is my Uncle on my grandparent's speed boat on the Chesapeake. I think this picture would look awesome SUPER SUPER big in a contemporary/simple frame in a living room or a fun surprise in a kitchen.

My Grandfather playing one of his many accordions at my great grandmother's house.

And my beautiful mother in all of her 60's fabulousness.

I will share more as I go along, and ultimately you will be able to purchase some of these prints on my shop


M. Crane said...

I started doing that last summer when my mom bought a scanner with a slide converter thing. I may look like I have some copycat blog posts because I'm planning on doing more when I am in Glen Arbor!

abigail said...

oooh awesome! looking forward to seeing them! It's a fun and great thing to do! Someone in the family should do it. PLUS the idea of having some old photo blown up really big and framed always appeals to me!


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