Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wish List: for the home

Blame it on some hormonal nesting kick I'm on, or just wanting to polish off our place just a bit more... But there are a few things I am drooling over of late to finish off our little rental. Some of you may know that the husband and I have inherited 95% off our furniture. LITERALLY! I could count on one hand the pieces we have actually bought ourselves.  For this we are very grateful, the things we have inherited are very nice, well except perhaps for our sofa, which requires a few bricks to keep it afloat. I'm all about collecting furniture and artwork, its fun to acquire pieces over the years and through various outlets... but there is something nice about day dreaming after those future pieces that will somehow through their acquisition, on a perhaps shallow level, make me feel more adult. And so here's a little list of things I drool over for our home.

Above: It really comes down to the sofa... For some reason this is when I will feel like an adult, a more financially stable adult that is- when I can afford my own sofa, when shelling out this kind of cash will be a priority for a Sofa. I really like this sectional by Thrive Furniture. It's a departure from my usual furniture taste... but I really like the lines, the color- a perfect backdrop for a bright throw and pillows. Plus once the second little one comes along it would be nice to have a large enough sofa for our family to really pile onto. I envision myself taking up the chaise lounge portion! ; ) Which is another reason I really like this particular sofa- it's not your traditional sectional- it offers more seating without taking up so much visual room (with the help of the absence of the back along the one side). ps here's a MUCH less expensive similar sectional from ikea.

We have a lot of painted furniture, which can be fun and eclectic, but it's also nice to throw in a different texture, or shine. And this shape, although somewhat classic, would also introduce a nice modern element into our mix. I think I like the brushed metal of the gold one best...?

Also for our family room, the Cooper Chair by DwellStudio looks comfortable with a little wing chair reference. (But perhaps too matchy-matchy with the similar legs as the sectional...? Not sure what fabric to have it in either... but I like the idea of this chair, IE: looks comfortable yet still has a nice shape.)

Most of our lamps are pretty ornate- colorful and usually with a strong pattern, thus this Audrey Lamp would strike a nice balance and would be lovely in our bedroom (next to my side of the bed!).

This similar shape lamp in gray, would be a little softer for the bedroom, and less formal.

Speaking of our bedroom, I like this Harvey Chrome nightstand. Yet more of an attempt to inject a few modern/crisp pieces into our mix. Of course the parent in me cringes at the thought of a child falling off of the bed and hitting their face on a corner of this thing... uh, gives you the willies!

I also have bigger day dreams about having more furniture for our attached "sunroom" and for our basement... maybe a sofa bed for the basement!?

Until next time!


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