Thursday, November 29, 2012

Links and Such

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday (already?) I wish I could blog more on a daily basis, but the husband is gone most nights until after 10, sometimes later, leaving me and the toddler to make dinner together! (Sure if that's how you want to spin it!?) I have a few posts I want to share in the coming weeks- a fall wrap up, what I've been knitting, Home Decorating wish list, more home organizing tips (once I figure this out). In the meantime I have a midwife appointment today, hard to believe I am 21 weeks- i.e. half way there. Although sometimes it feels like I am already in my third trimester... more stretching and yoga required I guess.

So in conclusion of my rant, I will hopefully be able to share some of my desired blog posts with you in the coming weeks.  For now, here are this week's Links and Such!

recipe: paisley root and chestnut soup
lotus bowl hat- knitting pattern
wooden bicycle handles 
make a gigantic confetti wall- cute for a party or for the holidays
knit a chair
love this little ornament for our toddler...
cute holiday gift guide for little girls
Don't Open until Christmas- packing tape
DIY surprise balls- cute for christmas stockings... or for air travel with a little one?
I'm going to watch this Maria Bamford special tonight
the Holiday unwind

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