Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude...

I'm working on being more grateful... I figure it's the only remedy and life vest I have that will keep me from sinking into a super sad place some nights... this sounds more dramatic than perhaps it is, but this fall has had its challenges mainly that the husband is NEVER around, seriously- hardly ever around. And some days it seems like it would be easier if he was just gone for a few weeks straight because then at least you just suck it up and move on... rather than these random two hours we see him once or twice a week.  So that, plus being half way through my second pregnancy and taking care of a toddler, while trying to work from home and making sure our kitchen doesn't get eaten up by dirty dishes... made me stop and desperately download a gratitude app on my iPhone the other day.

It's a super simple app. In fact I could just make a gratitude "notes" on my phone, but something about it's officially-ness makes it hold me accountable. Of course the first time using it I got so distracted that I was late to pick up our daughter from her morning school... so it's a work in progress! But as many studies say- being grateful only leads to more gratitude and ultimately a happier outlook, one that will hopefully take more of the seeming knocks of parenthood, in my case, with a bit more grace....

So as Thanksgiving approaches tomorrow and we gather our thoughts together towards what we are grateful for... my goal is to work on drafting my gratitude list not in vein of "Dam I'm grateful I don't live in the middle east right now!" which even no matter how true that is, it's still a negative. Instead I will strive to make my gratitude focus around not just tallying up a certain number of things I'm grateful for... since that still feels consumeristic... but of just relaxing and being more in the moment. And since it's the Husband's rare day off... I will do just that.

In conclusion I primarily wrote this post to share a few pictures I took on Tuesday while the Husband and daughter and I were out on a little walk through the woods at Brandywine park. Since we don't have real weekends together as a family that often, our Tuesday was like our Saturday- breakfast out followed by a walk in the woods. It was a lovely fall day that hints towards winter's approach making me truly appreciate this stage of fall, there is something really beautiful about this landscape when only the brown remains.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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