Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Advice on taking family photos with a 2 year old...

It was our daughter's 2nd birthday at the end of October, and I learned something that I should have known by now... When trying to get a family picture of your husband, child and oh my god YOURSELF for a change! take the pictures at the beginning of the party!!! By the time I corralled all of us outside after the party was over, the toddler was D-O-N-E, DONE! And these few pictures we managed to take I'm afraid not even photoshop could cut and paste a good one together, or at least my photoshop skills won't get the job done. (although maybe I could photoshop her from the bottom left photo into the top left photo... hmmm!?)

I really should have known better, but it's hard when you are hosting a party to think about these things beforehand... we look like a tired bunch here and now I know why families get professional photos taken. You have to set time aside for these things... you can't squeeze it in after a huge over-sensitized event... but instead actually pick a day that follows a few days of consistent sleep instead of the husband's crazy work/school schedule.  No offense but photo shoots can be so cheesy... but now I get it! I still won't shell out the cash for a photo shoot... but in the future I will hopefully remember to have photos taken of us before the chaos of the day.

 Note: with hurricane Sandy and our daughter being under the weather I 'm still editing and gathering the pictures from her big birthday. I will share them on the blog by the end of the week as well as on our private family photo site.

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