Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I've been Knitting: A Soft and funky hat for the Toddler

I have a few "What I've been knitting posts" waiting to be shared... but my blogging time is at a minimum as I continue to organize our house and work on orders that are coming in through my Studio shop and my Knit shop! But here's a little hat I whipped up at the beginning of October-ish for the little one. I wanted the hat to be soft, warm but not itchy, so I chose a pink baby Alpaca yarn. I also wanted the hat to match her green coat, her white coat, and her dark brown down jacket.

Here she is rocking her hat on Saturday at the playground with her friend Mason.

It's fun to finally feel mildly confident about knitting a hat without a pattern. I simply measured her head (it's a big one!) and then cast on two different times, the second time I got the right amount of stitches to ensure a nice fit! I did a little rib border, then knit the rest of the hat in a purl stitch. I started the decrease at about 5 inches to ensure a looser fit at the top- for a slouchy style but also to ensure that it will hopefully fit next winter as well! I made a decrease every row by slipping the two stitches from the one needle to the other and then knitting them together, this creates the spiral effect you see here.

Then I topped it off with a pom pom!

She's already worn it quite a bit this fall, and it proved very cozy during yesterday's little snowfall (as seen here).  I'm planing on knitting her a hat in a dark pink eco wool and lining it with fleece- for those really really cold days. Yes there is quite a list accumulating this knitting season! Stay tuned for future wooly projects.

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