Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Poll: Which hat should I knit...?

I found this very nice yarn the other day to knit myself a hat this winter that is still a neutral without being in the gray family (for a change). And now for the pattern... I have many simple hats, I knit one for myself last year in gray ... and yet I still want to strike a balance between a casual staple that still maintains a bit of visual interest... (I'm over thinking this I know, it's been a long couple of weeks).

So here are two of my finalists. Hat A: aka Snoflinga Hat, even has an example of the hat knit in a similar yarn to the one I bought.

Hat B: aka Dolan Beret is by Quince and Co (my go to Mainers!). I love the subtle slouch of the hat, and the way it finishes at the top... I am however leaning towards knitting Hat A... as it seems to fit better with my yarn and purpose... I would knit Hat B in a Navy or dark Turquoise. 


My Yarn...

UPDATE: I got a lot of feedback through instagram and the consensus is Hat A (and Hat B to follow). I bought the pattern for Hat A and I will share a blog post when its finished! 


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