Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY: Side Table as Dog Bed

Our master bedroom is roomy in the sense that we are grateful we can fit our bed, both dressers, and a sweater chest in the room... there is not much wiggle room for creativity when it comes to arranging the furniture... everything seems to have its designated place.  That being said our bedroom no longer provided enough room for our dog's little crate. Not that I cried too much over this fact, it was always a bit of an eye sore, even with a vintage table cloth draped over it to mask it's plasticity. So after seeing this idea on Pinterest a while back, I knew a bedside table/ dog bed solution would be the perfect remedy to our lack of space.

I went to Salvation Army and picked up this little nightstand and simply tore the single drawer out, cleaned it and put the dog bedding inside... no real need to paint it (nor do I have the time, i.e. it's not a priority). Our dog Millie actually likes it in there, it helps that it's a sturdy piece, not wobbly and not too far off the ground. Of course she prefers sleeping in our bed. But I often find her in there when she needs a proper hiding place from the toddler.

Or if you have $600, you can get this little side table for your pooch!

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