Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beaba Babycook- Review

A month ago my mom gave us the Beaba Babbycook to aid us in our baby food making endeavors! The results are in- WE LOVE IT! True one can make baby food with a food processor and stove, but this baby food maker does it all in one and steams and cooks the food lickety split! If you have read some of my nesting blog posts before, you'll know that we are not quick to jump on the "must-have-this-for-baby" bandwagon, but this is one tool that makes life a lot easier. So hop aboard! I know there are some negative reviews out there about this product, but we have been using it for two months now and have only had a positive experience with our Beaba. We purchased ours on Amazon for a cheaper price.

The Cooker comes with a handy recipe guide for month appropriate foods. And I suggest buying the freezer trays as they are the perfect serving size and they easily pop out of the container without disturbing the other food pods. I simply heat up her portion in a ramekin (with a touch of water) in the microwave for 1:30 power level 4. This melts just enough food but still allows me to break up the remaining frozen bit stirring it all together so it's not too hot or too cold!

At the moment sweet potato is a huge favorite, as is the combo of spinach and carrot. Happy cooking!

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