Friday, May 27, 2011

When Big Companies RIP OFF Independent Designers, I'm talking to you Urban Outfitters!

This Story has been going around this week about how Stevie, a Designer who sells her jewelry on Etsy, was RIPPED off by Urban Outfitters!!!  Her Jewelry line is what allowed her to quit her day job and work from home pursuing her passion of creating. Her lovely I Heart Pieces are handmade and retail for around $50. The Urban Outfitters' knock off retails for $18!!!  It's just so sad and frankly infuriating. I will say though that The Urban Outfitters Brand- that also includes Free People and Anthropologie produces a very temporal and cheap line of goods. Refusing to shop there in protest will not be a challenge for me as I have no money but mostly I've been VERY un impressed for a few years with what they have been making.  And it seems they are bored too if all they do is steal designs from Independent Designers.

Support Truche and Shop her Designs HERE!

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