Friday, May 6, 2011

Flowers and Veggies oh yeah and a sleepy baby

Today we went to the Delaware Flower Market. Since living in Maine, it had been a few years for us and it was fun to take my Mother-in-law to check out the sights. The flower market is chalk full of flowers (duh) plenty of rides, fair food, live music, and tents full of gifts for Mom! At the market we picked up the rest of our veggies for our garden. We got three basil plants, three tomato plants, and some peppers! I busted out the moby wrap and carried the little miss around and she promptly fell asleep soon after our arrival!

and poof asleep in the moby wrap.

and then asleep in the car... I figure you can never have too many pictures of sleeping babies!

The basil is already in the ground and we will plant the rest of our veggies after we stock up on a few larger pots on Monday.  As for the rest of the weekend, it's mother's day this Sunday, my first- crazay!! So I'm not sure what we are doing for the weekend, it's up to the husbo, so we'll see ; )  

Have a great weekend!!

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