Monday, May 9, 2011

Look Book: In search of the perfect White Tunic

As the weather continues to warm up around these parts, I've been thinking about my wardrobe. In the past I've spoken about buying a few high quality staples each season in order to beef up my wardrobe. The idea is to be very selective and to edit one's wardrobe in a similar way a Designer designs a space. And so I've concluded that this season's staple is a white tunic. Consider this a wish list if you will, one that will inspire your own white tunic search! 

My Criteria: I'm not trustworthy when it comes to white, especially a knit, jersey type fabric! I find they stain more easily, pill quickly and overall they do not last more than a season. So this tunic must be some sort of linen or high quality cotton. Something I could easily wear everyday and still look styling. Here is what I found so far, which one is your favorite!?

Anthropologie's Alfresco Tunic, I wasn't sold on the asymmetrical front, but after seeing it on a model I think it looks lovely and breezy!

Anthro's Magdalena Peasant Top (I think I love it in blue best)

Loft's Broken Wings Blouse, I know not white, but I like the shape and print!

White Tunic, by Poetry Not a great picture, but I LOVE 90% of their clothing you should check them out! Like their Embroidered Cotton Tunic. Since funds are tight at the moment I might sew my own tunic out of some linen hanging around. Of course if I do, I will post that project here! Have a great start to your week!

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