Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain Rain go the bleeep away


It's been raining in my area pretty hard and too consistent since SUNDAY! I know if I lived in Seattle this would be old hat and not a big deal... but I don't live in Seattle. Normally I love the rain! I don't mind getting caught in it, unless I have special shoes on. I loved playing in the rain when I was little. We would stomp around in rain boots, singing "I'm Singing in the Raaaaain!" We would thoroughly invest in manipulating puddles or damming the overflow in our ravine... I love listening to it fall outside my window. When I was little my bedroom window overlooked a portion of roof that made an especially satisfying ping when raining. I felt special to have the best rain room in the house! Now older I still love that sound and will forever remember listening to the rain gently fall the morning our daughter was born this past October. We were all tucked in our big bed, after our lovely home birth, my husband and baby were fast asleep while I laid there staring at my new family, soaking them in as the rain fell.

BUT now, living back in the Philly area, and being thoroughly invested in my vegetable garden, I will have no more of this rain! I'm convinced the rain has brought these little purple bugs, psyllids aka plant lice, to munch on my tomatoes- bastards I'll get you TODAY. Yes, rain is usually a welcomed break, but not this week.   - Yours, Andy Rooney ; )


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