Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 months old

The Little Miss is 7 months old! She has made a lot of leaps and bounds this past month. She sits up completely unassisted, as in she can play on her own without an array of soft pillows surrounding her to break her fall. I can not however leave her on the bed! BOOM she flips on to her belly and begins her determined attempted to lift her heavy body onto her knees and in the process she scoots backwards which will inevitable cause her to scoot off the bed.... sigh what a determined little scooter.

She is soooo heavy now, weighing in at almost 22lbs, there are many days when even my brand new "guns" ie arm muscles want a break and I wish they designed a baby chair that moves up and down the stairs like they do for older people who need assistance in that department.  But I laugh at the image of her plunked in a chair moving up the stairs further and further away from me as I wave goodbye (and then of course follow her up the stairs. I'm not a monster!). I mean in this fantasy of make-believe how would she get out of the chair once she is up or down the stairs?  And you say, but that's where the trained monkey comes in. I wish... well Cameron and I do joke and dream about our dog Millie growing opposable thumbs and also gaining the ability and know-how to slide a chair to the kitchen counter or where-have-you to be of more assistance! I mean Honestly!!! pull your weight Millie!

~Busted!  Now that she can scoot around I find her licking and trying to eat household objects like this ottoman. At least it wasn't a cold flagpole! ~

Some Tricks and Tips from this month:

* I cut her nails in the Morning shortly after she wakes up. Since she is much more aware she grows very fussy and impatient during this chore. She used to just sit there like she was at the salon, but now she acts as if she has nerve endings in her nails, and it's torture. Thus early in the morning she is more chill and happy go lucky. I can usually get all toes and 1.5 hands done, not too bad!

* A toy for diaper changes: since we do cloth diapers and are currently still diapering with a prefold AND a cover, diaper changes take longer than with a disposable so the distraction of a toy helps keep her still and in one place and not rolling away from the diaper... for now at least!


She loves eating the food her Dad makes for her.  Spinach and carrot combo is a favorite and she loves helping us eat a banana. Yes she has grown and changed a lot this month and we think by July she will be crawling, but we shall see!

Her Little Monkey Feet Busy At Work

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