Monday, August 27, 2012

Her first (half day) of school

We took the little miss to her first (half day) of school this morning. I was nervous how she would do with us leaving, since she isn't always too pumped at bedtime some nights... but she did GREAT!

I think it helped that she had been there twice already, once for the initial visit, and then for an open house on Friday where she played with the kids and teachers for over an hour. My nervousness came from how I felt like we hadn't prepared in her any way for school. In her 22 months she has never been watched by a non family member nor dropped off at any day care, but she surprised me and did great. Of course she had no idea what was about to happen unlike her fellow toddlers who were crying with the knowledge of imminent separation. Hey ignorance is bliss! So we hugged and kissed her as she played and checked out the fish tank and then we individually faded out of the room. And when we picked her up 4 hours later she was happy to see us but not clingy. Let's hope this sticks! ; )

She goes to school three mornings a week to start, and we'll add more on later as my schedule requires. Hooray for a great first day!

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