Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Inspiration...

Hi All, Happy Monday... if that's possible...? no, no... that's not what this blog post is for- complaining... although I will advise you to not start your Monday as I did- having a half dream about how kick ass your life could be if you won the lotto, you're just setting yourself up for a fail of a day. Luckily I turned my day around once the toddler was napping (no coincidence there, who is this thing that is sooo loud and changeful!? where is my daughter?) during nap time is when I found my sunglasses I was missing since our return from Maine. I thought I might have lost them in Portland, which gave me visions of some Maine homeless dude passed out with my shades on. not cool dude, NOT COOL. But of course they were in a bag of yarn... DORK! But it made me grateful for the little things.

And there are a few blog posts I would love to share with you today, and perhaps this can still happen, the day is still young... but I'm not holding my breath. I do want to write a Love Letter to Summer, and then share a post all about how one SHOULD store their yarn, as I painfully discovered recently... sad town USA. Anywho until those future blog posts- take with you the above quote from Julia Child to start off your week! (Tremendously- what a great word!)


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