Thursday, August 30, 2012

Links and Such

lol, word!

Hi all, how's your week been going? Ours has been VERY busy but very productive. We are still deep in our apartment search, which always turns a little pessimistic at the end of the month (fingers crossed though!). The Toddler's first week of 3 half days of school, has been great. No tears AT ALL, I had to remind her to kiss me goodbye the other day! We are also heading to the shore this afternoon for one last hooray for the long holiday weekend. I'm pretty excited. Here is this week's Links and Such post. Enjoy!

10 ways to extend summer
Funky little wood stove
Laurent Chehere's stunning photographs
NYC guide: 10 amazing ways to spend an afternoon
Daniel Firman's Balancing Elephant
Navy and metallic top
make shift mudrooms
thinking about this haircut for myself 
plush alphabet letters for our ABC addicted toddler
DIY knitted stool
article: empathy and apathy, two case studies

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