Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation thus far, camping with toddlers, lighthouses, and seagulls

We are in Maine this week for a little family vacation. These opportunities are very rare, and I find it funny that we keep heading back to Maine instead of to a new place... but it's affordable, very familiar and we get to visit with our friends. We are having a lovely time. And I wanted to share some of our pictures from our trip so far! Above is the little Miss on Friday morning at Portland's Eastern Promenade. We scooped up some brunch on our way into town and ate it picnic style with this lovely view. A fabulous way to finish our long road trip and to soak in the sea air and sounds of the gulls. 

Check out more pictures after the jump!

Our trip began with an invitation to join our friends on a camping trip at Wolf's Neck Park in Freeport ME. They organized a little weekend trip for all of the toddlers in their playgroup (and their parents of course) so in all there were 6-7 families camping!

Here's our view across the way at the campsites that sit along the water.

And the view at night at low tide, sigh, does the heart good!

Dinner one night... that's a table "set" for 6 families btw, not just ours! ; )

Our little one taking off with our back pack (a new obsession of sorts) with her friend trying to catch up... "Don't run away, it's not worth it!"

A field full of noisy crickets.

On our walk to Wolfe's Neck farm.

At the Farm, checking out the baby pig, a huge hit.

But not as much as the tractor inside the barn! Our daughter had a good time pulling the other toddlers around, she's got some muscle!

Napping in the tent.

I got to float a little at high tide. (Love the color of the seaweed against the color of the water.)

The little one working her way down the stairs to the water.

The view of the water from above at the campsite.

The fog during a little hike on our last morning at the campground.

Purple sand at Portland's headlight.

We leave on Thursday, which at the moment feels very decadent, but as usual- it will fly by! Feel free to follow our trip on instagram "graydaystudio"  and don't forget about my vacation sale at GrayDayStudio- use code INDIANSUMMER for 25% off!

I'll be sure to post more pictures, and I intend to write a little road tripping with a toddler blog post tomorrow...

Have a good one! ; )

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