Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to knit: A beekeeper's quilt!

I am adding this quilt to my Knitting list!! 

As you can see from the third picture, the quilt is made from lots and lots of individually knit double sided little hexagons, knit from fingerling and dk weight yarn and then stuffed with poly- the perfect use for your scrap yarn. I'll admit when I first saw this quilt I thought it was beautiful but then the reality of the amount of work and time that goes into it soon sunk in and I temporarily shunned the idea. But then I looked at it form a larger vantage point and figured it would be a fun project to really stretch out over time, to work on when you had a free moment to knit up a little hexagon here and there... and then slowly your collection would grow until one day (years from now) you finally have enough to put it all together!

And as my husband pointed out- it could grow with your child- first as a crib blanket, then when the time comes you could add on another larger section for a twin bed, etc. Cute, huh!?  Even though it seems a little daunting, this could also be a fun project for a beginner knitter, don't you think?


Mrs Robinson said...

Gorgeous - but completely daunting! But its got me thinking about a vintage felted sweater version. It will lose the puffiness (and some of the unique charm) but would finish a lot quicker! :)

abigail said...

good call on doing a felted version, sounds much faster!!!


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