Monday, November 28, 2011

Proof of Walking (and Proof of Coaching)

I thought I would offer up a little video proof that our daughter is "walking". She is still crawling to get most places as it is faster and less risky, but when coached and encouraged she can be quite adventurous with her little feet.  She is pretty determined (wonder where she gets that from!?) and she roars and says uh-oh when she falls, lol. I took these two videos tonight with my cellphone in my parent's dimly lit house... I tweaked the exposure to make viewing them a little easier... (hopefully)! She was getting tired at the end of a long day and had been cruising around pretty good up until I thought to video tape... but here you have it, proof of walking at 13 months!

Above: is the short version

And here is the longer version, for those who are interested. It's cute to see how she understands "Stand Up!" She isn't walking full time, but I don't think that's too far away! So I guess right now I will enjoy this phase of crawling and walking before the inevitable phase of walking but mostly RUNNING!!!! 


TheBeautyFile said...

That's wonderful! I actually found your blog from your comment on Joanna's blog about Toby walking. I have a son who is almost 15 months and is not ready to walk at all. He walks along things very well and just doesn't feel comfortable letting go. It doesn't bother me unless I'm with other people whose children are younger and already walking AND talking...I loved what you wrote on Joanna's blog about being patient and TRUSTING them to do it when they're ready. That's what I've been looking for recently. A reminder that my own trust in him is enough. Anyway, I'm so random and sorry to barge in on your blog, but thanks. And congrats, obviously!

Katy said...

I LOVE when you compare Cordelia's walking to your own sloppy bowling game. And I am also a big fan of how your mother will not let her crawl, and somehow Cordelia obeys this. SOOO great!!

abigail said...

@TheBeautyFile, thanks so much for stopping by! I know what you mean, it can be tough when around other parents (grandparents, family, etc) As you can see from the video there is some mad coaching going on from my Mom, lol. It took me a long time to learn to walk when I was little... my legs were working some things out on their own and I don't think I walked until I was close to two, so I have a lot of sympathy. (not that I remember it too much) Plus it's such a minor thing in the long run... it's one of those milestones that people feel that they have to ask- right up there with sleeping through the night, how much did or do they weigh... which is so ridiculous and doesn't say anything about who they are. Anyway! lol

We are in a music class where all of the other babies are walking and running around and sometimes I feel bad for C. that she can't join in, but then I just give her a different and fun activity like dancing around the room with her in my arms... I think of it as extra time for bonding... ; )

She is taking steps but it's not her first choice of transportation- so we are still dealing with the comments, lol. They definitely do it when they are ready! thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

abigail said...


thanks for your comment Katy! I know what you mean, My mom can be pretty demanding ; ) looks Like Cordelia is learning early to obey her grandmother!

And for my bowling comment- that was in response to my mom saying Cordelia looked drunk! awesome ; )


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