Sunday, November 27, 2011

Links and Such

Hey All, hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate the U.S. holiday)! We did, although I'm quickly learning how different holidays are going to be from here on out with a kid. They are definitely more work... But it was a tasty dinner with about 24 people at my folk's house, and to celebrate the little miss decided to put her steps together and start walking a few days before! She's still working on balance, etc but for the last 4 days she's been really walking, not full time, there is still a lot of crawling in the mix but she's really on the move making large journeys on foot across her room.

Anywho, exciting stuff! I wanted to do a Links and Such this Thursday but life got crazy and it's still crazy even as I attempt to type this (the baby has discovered that my caps lock key lights up so that's a new challenge). So here are a few links from this week for your weekend. Above: Love this Make It Rain needle point, hilarious! Reminds me of Along Came Polly- "RainDance!"

animals in sweater vests 
as a new mom, I've enjoyed reading this comedic take on motherhood
Want this wooden puzzle
pretty outfit
ugly Renaissance babies 
make bath fizzies
hand painted pebble
love these earrings

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