Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Thanksgiving Pictures...

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving this year!

Above: a little family shot- very rare!

I made this little feather felt headband for the little miss to wear, it remained on her head for all of 3 seconds! lol, ah well next year!? Plus I made it big enough that she can wear it for a long time- elastic baby! (I'll do a little quick DIY tutorial with detail shots this week!)

The little miss and I. 
She's wearing a darling dress from her Alaska Grandparents, I knit the scarf, the tights are from her English cousins, and her tulip shoes are by See Kai Run. I'm wearing this awesome vintage dress from DearGolden, j crew cardigan, a funky woven vintage belt (can't see it!) and a funky necklace my sis got me from Anthropologie. (in case you were wondering!) 

The husband partaking in our Annual tradition of posing with the "participatory head gear" He was "road kill".

While I was crying for my lost homie.

After dinner, the little miss dancing at the player piano.

And later that night, carving up the bird into leftovers as Millie hopes for some scraps!

We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did as well!

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