Thursday, November 10, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday and happy Links and Such! How's your week? Mine is alright- not bad, not fantastic, just a week in the life of- type deal. Things I'm excited about- my goal to have all of my christmas shopping done by Dec 1st, knitting projects that are finishing up, the prospect of having time to work on my art this weekend (while the husbo watches the babe).. and yeah, stuff like that! Let me know what's your favorite link!? (Above: the best parents in the world!)

Pretty wall calendars
enter this awesome giveaway at HoneyKennedy!
shop handmade- at Poppytalk market!
love this feather tray
Thanksgiving crafts- to keep the kid's table busy!
love these paper mobiles
adorable ornaments
what dogs want
beautiful root veggies + a recipe
I want this real bad
couple /the wife- gives birth to a set of black and white twins AGAIN
YUM- brie and apple tarts

Beirut's tiny desk concert

and if you missed it- WATCH this video!!

*** ALSO my blog turns 3 tomorrow!!! I'll be doing a little giveaway to celebrate, so tune in tomorrow to enter!***

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