Monday, June 20, 2011

Poolside, purple beans, and pink hands- A First Father's Day

It's officially summer alright and I'm pretty excited about it... but in sneaks the fear that it will be over in a flash! So this week I want to write a summer to do list- full of fun summer-esque activities. I'll report on what I come up with! In the meantime, I thought a little recap of our fun weekend was in order. On Saturday, my brother and sister -in-law invited us over to their place to swim in their landlord's pool. It Was the baby's first time in a pool and besides us trying to put her into a floating pink coffin (her definition, not mine) she had a great time. Here she is above with her dad testing out this device and although she was not sold on it, I think she will warm up to it when she is a little older!

The baby and I poolside.

Hannah preparing our dog Millie (boston) and their dog Henry (Italian Greyhound) for a little swimming lesson!


My brother and the baby floating about.

Father's Day (a first for our little family) the baby wistfully pines after the dog.

The Husband and I work in the Garden!! It's insanely big now! He has quite a bounty of string beans and purple beans.

Our Purple beans. They cook up green, so funny! (not to mention tasty!)

Hanging out on the hammock.

Baby profiles are the best.

And our Father's Day card for Cameron. My mom helped me navigate the baby's paint covered hand. NOTE: babies have a tendency to clench their hands into a fist when goop is on them and then bring their hand to their mouth to eat it, so it takes two adults to make a card! We had a great first father's day- with croissants, clotted cream, raspberry jam, peach juice and tea in front of the Sunday Morning Show. Followed by work- during the baby's nap and then hanging out in the garden.

Looking forward to future Father's Day!

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