Friday, June 3, 2011

Recipe Reviews, cooked up from Pinterest

I love Pinterest, in case you haven't noticed! And recently we put some of the recipes I've found to the test. I wanted to report back on the few we have tried. During our heat wave the other day the husband and I made Sparkling Strawberry Limeade. It was very tasty and tart!  The consistency was a bit thick, so for next time I would mash up the strawberries more than the recipe calls for.  Besides that, it was a lovely drink, perfect for summer and one that we are sure to repeat!

THEN last night, after a day out for our 3rd anniversary, the husband wanted to make Chocolate chip cookies. So I put Pinterest to the test and searched for a recipe and chose the most "pinned" or popular recipe for us to make. We cut the recipe in half and then cooked up half of the batch and froze the second half for later!  And the result- AWESOME.  A fun and chunky cookie, very decadent, the prefect end to our day out.

Check out my recipe pin board Tasty Treats I Want to Eat for more yummy ideas!

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