Friday, June 17, 2011

I won a Free Sea Bags, and here it is!

Occasionally Sea Bags hosts a little giveaway on their facebook page. Last Friday I happened to see their giveaway and entered. The question was- what charities do we support? My Answer, Make a wish. later that day I was flipping through facebook, I had completely forgotten about the giveaway, and saw my name mentioned as this week's winner!!! I was floored. First- I have NEVER won a giveaway and second- I love Sea Bags and pined after one the whole time we lived in Maine. PLUS this fabulous news came at the end of a rough week of new motherhood and I needed a pick-me-up and here it was!

Above: My Bag arrived Thursday! (so speedy) and here is the front of the Sea Bag- their white on white star bag! A perfect neutral that will allow me to get away with wearing the crap out of it ; )

The Back of the bag. The clear plastic shows off the rope handles. I love the little orange circle of fabric a funky rustic detail that let's you know it was made from a recycled sail! 

The bag is a large- which is perfect for my intended use for it- to be an outing bag to haul my shitz. It will carry some must haves for our daughter (teething toys, books, cardigan etc) while still looking like a cute bag for me- without screaming DIAPER BAG!!!  I once saw a Dad pushing his toddler in a stroller with a sea bag hanging on the back of the handles and I thought- what a great use for a Sea Bag! It looks so put together yet effortless.

Can you tell this giveaway really perked up my spirits!?  As some of you may know we left Maine in March so we could live closer to my family while my husband goes back to school... with summer approaching I've been experiencing some serious Maine withdrawal so even though this bag can not physically teleport me back to Portland, Maine, it sure helps bring that Maine magic into my day to day.

Shop Sea Bags Here and you can take a look back on our time in Maine HERE

*UPDATE: I took it to the pool this weekend and it HAULED a lot of stuff! AND I noticed the clear plastic on the outside has a little pocket at the top- great for my cellphone and keys! LOVE IT!

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Hannah said...

Stumbled across your blog and love it! I am a Mainer from birth and at heart although long since transplanted to the South. My mom just bought a cottage on Little Diamond Island off the coast of Portland, so I'm hoping to get up there a lot more in the future! Anyway, I have a Sea Bag this size and LOVE IT. Use it as a diaper/everything bag. And I've always tried to win the darn Facebook giveaways and never have. Lucky you!
Come visit sometime at


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