Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Videos of the Little Miss

Two new video clips (taken with my cellphone) of the Little Miss goofing around!  I'm pretty pumped I captured the little interaction she has with her hand- in the first clip. She has been doing this a lot lately. It's like some royal wave/ self discovery moment and then chomp chomp fingers are tasty! And her superman scooting backwards movement in the second clip as she tries to stay on her knees to crawl.  I love gathering these little moments together, I just wish I started video taping before she was 2 months old... shucks. Ah well I'll get the next kid the next time around!

Have I mentioned that she is going on 8 months and is already 22lbs!! hot dam. but chubby babies are so fun to cuddle. We went out yesterday and bought her some summer rompers, size 18 months... sigh, what yah gonna do?

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