Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Project: Baby Leg Warmers

Back in early October, before Cordelia was born, my husband decided to knit our baby some leg warmers! He gets the biggest charge out of chunky babies in leg warmers, especially when it's just a onsie and leg warmers sans pants.  Since we didn't know what we were having (although I had a strong hunch it was a girl!) He decided to use a gender neutral yarn color for the project. He used a variegated earth tone yarn as the primary color and striped it with white. I like how the yarn gave a different color to each leg warmer, like a special flavor of ice cream per leg! For the pattern, he used this cute one from the purl bee blog. Now Cordelia is big enough to work her magic in them! 

They were a fun and easy knit project, perfect for a cozy winter weekend. I think Cordelia has many custom leg warmers in her future!

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