Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming to Tiptoe Through for 2011

I hope you all had a splendid New Year! I spent mine in with the husband and new baby. We had a lovely dinner, watched movies and worked on knitting projects- so yeah not too much of a change from any other night!

I have some Blog resolutions I want to achieve this year, and I thought I would share them with my readers!  First, I am going to set up more of a structure to my blog- with a theme each day of the week- excluding weekends. I think this will make me more focused with my own personal pursuits as well as hopefully make my blog more of a resource for people, and let's be honest- to turn my readers into followers.  I am also turning 30 this month and I want to continue to learn new things- thus another reason for my revamped daily themes.

SO here's what you can look for in 2011!

Monday: Weekly Inspiration- be it silly, or really inspiring (nothing corny I swear!)- a little nugget to help jump start your week- so crucial during the winter doldrums!

Tuesday: A Green living- topic. Be it a housekeeping tip or some new technology, etc...

Wednesday: Handmade- a shout out to something cool from the handmade community- like my "Etsy Favs" etc.

Thursday: my Weekly "Links and Such" will continue

Friday: Weekend Project- be it my own from a previous weekend, something I intend to tackle, or something someone else did a bang up job on!

I am also going to be participating in a 30 day challenge- where I will work on a project for 30 days and report on it EVERY day! January 2nd is the launch date of that- so check back in to see what my project is!

Any resolutions or goals you are working on?    Have a great start to the New Year!


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