Thursday, January 20, 2011

12 weeks old

She's 12 weeks old.

I meant to do this yesterday... but the day got away from me.  So here she is 12 weeks old, wearing a hoodie she got from her Aunt Charity for Christmas! The 12 week mark means we have officially completed the "4th trimester" - the idea that the first three months are very sacred and a time when the baby needs to have a womb like environment... not all the time, but yah know what I mean (well maybe...?) Swaddling, carrying the baby, keeping them close, etc. Nothing really new to report, besides the usual- we love her so... type stuff. We have a potluck this Sunday thrown by our midwives where past and current prego families get together and share their home birth stories. Looking forward to meeting all the other fall babies and sharing our experience!!

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