Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland: SNOW Day, around the country & beyond

From yours truly in Portland, Maine.

My crew in Portland, ME. 
Question: which one is the biggest baby? Answer: Millie the dog.

Snowdrift door imprint.
Portland, ME.

Miranda in Boston, MA

 Liz in NYC

Tessa and Laird in Wilmington, Delaware: Kaya in the snow 

Wilmington, DE

Hannah in Chadds Ford, PA
Henry "the coldest Italian Greyhound" 

Chadds Ford, PA

Chadds Ford, PA

Barbie in Chadds Ford, PA. My Niece and Nephew.

Snow at dawn.

Bethany, Ryan and their daughter Savanna in Pa, near the Mason Dixon Line between MD and PA.

Gwin in Richmond, VA

Justin in North Carolina

 North Carolina

 North Carolina

 North Carolina 

 North Carolina

Deborah in Oxfordshire, England

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