Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 weeks old

She's 11 weeks old.

Last week I weighed Cordelia and she was 14.8 lbs! Sheesh.  I put her in a baby gap onsie this morning that I was sure would not fit, to learn that crap she better wear this for the next week straight because that's about as long as it will fit over her head and those cheeks! She's getting stronger everyday and likes it when we read her stories.  While taking some pictures this morning- I sung her "the horsey and the flea" and that got a few good smiles (as seen above). In the morning, when her dad gets home from baking, she greets him with the biggest series of smiles.  And apparently last night I was being rather funny because she just laughed and laughed at me. hmmmm maybe it's my face? 

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