Monday, January 17, 2011

9 months and 30 years with my Fetal Roommate

Today, January 17th, my twin brother and I turn 30. 

A big shout-out to our mom who gave birth to us at home on our farm 30 years ago, growing her brood from 2 to 4 kiddos. After having our daughter, my husband thinks that birthdays should really celebrate the mom as well. So a Big Thank You to My MOM! I love you and thank you for being fantastic. And a big thank you to our Dad for "catching the package!".

Below are a collection of stellar pictures from our childhood, thanks to our older Sister, Liz!

And then there were four.
My sister has this look in her eye- like she aint never gonna give up her new baby doll. 

At my Uncle's wedding... classic

posing on a bucket, so necessary. yes that's our cousin Hunter!

Evidence of a strong life vest theme through out my childhood

our future's so bright, we gotta wear shades

I frickin LOVED this shirt. 
Only a very stylish 6 yr old can pull off shoulder pads and high tops!

More 80's freshness. My mullet is another theme.

Two fair-skinned kids in Florida during the winter with their grandparents. More awesome 80's fashion.
Note the burn circles under our eyes, classic. And this picture is evidence of why I thought my grandparents were black when I was little.

ah more life vests, sans rope though, so that's an improvement.

matching outfits is another theme of our twin-ness

Matchy Matchy at a 4th of July parade.

yuletide matchy-ness 

Red wind breaker matchy-ness

High school graduation matchy-ness

My wedding in June 2008- that's my twin with his arm on me, not the groom. ; )

crap we're 30. 
Happy Birthday to my Twin Brother, luv yah! Now go check your PO BOX!

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