Friday, August 20, 2010

My Nesting Reading List

I thought I would share a little "Nesting" Reading List the Husband and I have been working on this summer in prep for our fall baby! I hope they inspire your own reading list. The Continuum Concept is a goodie, the husband has been reading this one and I'm up to bat when he is finished. It sites anthropology and our primal way of raising children- for example co sleeping, carrying your baby, etc.

Our Babies Ourselves- is the book I am slowly working on (although my knitting has kept my hands preoccupied). This book is written with a similar perspective at the Continuum Concept- starting from an anthropological view of raising children, keeping them near- ie carrying them, co sleeping etc.

The Infamous Baby Book by Dr. Sears. A fun informational how to- to prep one for taking care of a  baby.

Love and Logic a great parenting how to guide.  A MUST READ! My mom just read it for the first time and passed it on to me. Again another book I am slowly cracking open, but I figure I have time since then suggest starting this practice when your child is 10 months old. The overall concept of this book is how to raise your child to be independent, confident and how through love and logic you give your child the right kind of choices that will ultimately allow you to avoid conflict and tantrums. There are more versions of this book for adapting this parenting technique as your child grows from infancy into adolescents.  EVERY parent should read this book, it would make parent watching at target and the grocery store less painful and scary! lol

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