Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie Reviews... add these to your queue

It's knitting season again and thus I've been watching more movies on my Netflix instant queue, so I thought I would share some of my favs.

I Like Killing Flies: A documentary about a family's restaurant in NYC with the entertaining and talented cook, owner and patriarch of the family- Kenny Shopsin. He offers some great one liners, and philosophy while cooking up the craziest tastiest sounding fare- mac and cheese pancakes anyone?

Sweetgrass: A documentary about a group of Montana Sheep herders. Educational and raw at times with beautiful scenic views and the reality of such a taxing job.

The Cool School: A documentary about LA's budding art community in the 1950's and how it grew to rival the NYC art scene.

Objectified: Another documentary, this time about the importance and significance of the design of every day objects and how they influence us- and ultimately the designer's role in making more sustainable eco friendly designs.

I.O.U.S.A: A documentary made in 2008 about the national debt that the United States of America has been racking up over the years... a bit dismal but very enlightening.

anyway, looks like I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately! But sometimes you hit a trend and have to go with it. At the beginning of the summer I watched way too many Holocaust movies, then a ton of British Period piece- movies and now documentaries! I'll let you know what I stumble upon next!

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