Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wish list 4 the mommy to be, a resource guide

Since joining the world of pregnant ladies- I have gained a few insights- some of which are more appropriate than others, and so I will share the polite ones.

The biggest revelation- there should be a "mommy-to-be-registry" or gift basket.  In this basket- should be massage gift cards, some take out food coupons, and a few key items to make the little lady with the big belly feel relaxed and pampered!

Below are some fun suggestions for a "Mommy-to-be- gift basket" as well as a resource guide for those just embarking on this 9 month journey!

Tom's shoes!
I had two pairs I bought back in the diz-ay, but due to wearing them religiously I busted through both pairs and now they are no more... poor me. But it's really sad for the kid who gets a free pair of Toms shoes with each purchase! This Pair I really like for some reason- a neutral and good for fall, plus it's Vegan, gotta Love.

Weleda Pregnancy Oil. I use this stuff a lot, and unlike some other brands I've tried- this one smells great and doesn't leave you smelling like a greased up brownie pan! Seriously I have one that is "Coconut scented" and I literally smell like brownies, the dog wont leave me alone.

Not to be a total hippie- but I love these birkenstocks!  I bought them at a local outlet, and even though I never thought I would be rocking another pair after the 90's, I really like this style and I will admit, I've been wearing them none stop since April, which is probably why the Tom's shoes are on the wish list! I think these sandals are great- they are easy to slide on and off and are comfortable on those hot days when your feet can balloon into shrek feet!

For me it's all about the comfy yet pretty dresses! Although I haven't mastered them for myself yet... Here are a few I have found on good ol etsy that should be included in any mommy gift basket!
Screenprint tunic by NewExtrave

And Fisherman pants by kolonclothes, I'm bound to try a pair, especially since growing out of some maternity jeans from early on!

I hope this post has been inspiring for both the pregnant lady and the gift giver!

What were/ are your favorite things to pamper yourself with during this 9 month adventure?

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