Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Josh Ritter- "The Curse" music video with puppets!

I've really enjoyed listening to Josh Ritter's new album "So Runs the World Away". As with his previous albums, Ritter includes songs that weave tales like old folk lore leading the listener down a path of imagination while visions of the characters and scenes play out in one's mind.  One of my new favorites from this album is "The Curse". Ritter sings of an eerie tale of a Mummy's rebirth through some mysterious curse where he essentially gains life from the woman who discovers him. I enjoyed listening to the song and envisioning my own cast of characters, and so it was fun to see Ritter's drummer- Liam Hurley's own interpretation through his talent of being a puppeteer.  You can watch the video here.

SIDE NOTE: We are going to see Ritter in Portland, Maine in October (2 weeks before my due date!) and I'm looking forward to seeing him once again! In the past I had the opportunity to see Ritter open for The Frames (the Swell Season) in philly, where he won me over with his energy, talent and big welcoming smile. Since then I've seen him solo without his band, and at the Met during a collaboration with a violinist, and a few times since. During the past four years I've become funny about concerts- I no longer like big crowds of people smashed together in a tight space, so I am pretty choosy when I venture out for a show but a Ritter concert is always a must... my point is- if you have the opportunity to see Josh Ritter in concert- GO. 

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