Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prego update: The 7 month bump & Nesting Projects

Here it is in all it's glory. Why am I wearing horizontal stripes!? don't know just like it!
The pregnancy has been moving along -now at 7 months and at the beginning of my third trimester, which is a great hurdle! This week the midwives felt the position of the baby at our last appointment- through some hard belly "massage" and taught us what feels like what... ie this is the baby's butt, etc.  My maternity sewing projects are coming along I have one shirt that I am working on and one dress on the back burner. I've been busy with my new Etsy shop- graydayphotos as well as knitting for an upcoming craft fair on August 28th- hence the delay on sharing my maternity sewing projects. But look below at other nesting projects that you might have missed!

Above a painted shelf project. I used Martha Stewart's new paint "Heavy Goose" and I really like the final result, nice and neutral. The shelf will house baby stuff next to the baby's blue dresser. 
Check out that DIY post HERE.

My Sofa redo project, check out the step by step HERE.
Next up- buying a large area rug for the living room- to replace the little throw rugs. This will make the room look bigger and will be easier to clean, as the throw rugs and my super suck dyson are not compatible! And the biggest reason of all- to have a nice cushy play area for the baby. 

Baby Loot.
My Mom came to visit back in July and she and I made some progress on the baby registry front. We bought some essentials in the process- like a few unisex zip up sleepers, side button undershirts, and some little cotton hats. I've been told this current baby loot will last us for 2-3 days before laundry has to be done! lol 

Well, that's it for now!

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