Monday, August 2, 2010

Mill Creek in pictures, walking around South Portland

As Part of my little Staycation- exploring Maine series, I thought I would share a very local opportunity to get out and see the city of Portland! Mill Creek is located across the Bridge from Portland- in South Portland. It's a very short drive for us and offers a fun little excursion along the path from the park to the Bug Lighthouse Park on the other end. (above- the Portland Skyline as seen from the path)

Here is a little map I borrowed from the Mill Creek website. I outlined what I think is the Path- in red. It ends with an "x" at Bug Lighthouse. The walk is very pleasant. The path is frequented by walkers, runners and bikers and offers beautiful views for everyone! See for yourself in my pictures below.

Proper Honey bees.

We haven't completed this route all the way out to the Bug Lighthouse- YET, but someday with time allowing we will. The Bug Lighthouse park is a fun expanse of grass that offers clear views of Portland and the neighboring islands.

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