Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sling a ding ding

Last week we bought a New Native sling to add to our baby carrier collection. We already have the Moby Wrap and the Ergo- each are great and have their own purpose, but I wanted something I could easily and quickly slip her into and use around the house- thus a sling was just the thing!  Plus this sling works for newborns to toddlers!! And she looks pretty happy in it! Read more about the benefits of baby carrying HERE.

And here is the husband with Cordelia in the sling and bouncing her on the yoga ball.  A word about a yoga ball- for the most part we did not want to buy too much baby stuff to fill up our apartment, but the yoga ball was great during pregnancy, a companion during our home birth and now a great calming tool for the new parents. You just sit on it with the baby and bounce- and soon they are calm and fast asleep- I highly recommend the ball for new parents. Happy carrying! 

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