Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blog giveaway!!

Happy December!!

I thought I would start off this giving month with a little BLOG giveaway! Up for grabs is this funky retro Christmas Pom pom garland. Made by yours truly! Looks great anywhere in the house.

TO ENTER: all you have to do is FOLLOW my blog (by clicking follow on the left hand side) and Leave a comment introducing yourself! If you already follow my blog, leave a comment below! The Winner will randomly be selected and announced by Friday Dec 10th and sent out on that Saturday- leaving enough time for decorating and enjoyment!



merrilee said...

I like giveaways but MORE I like you. Love the blog! always a bright spot in my day to see your creativity that I have always admired at work!

Harvest Gold Jewelry & Gallery said...

Good idea. And the garland would look great anywhere! Good Luck.

Katherine said...

I remember making these yarn bobbles as a child and I loved the repetitive wrapping of the yarn! I once made a little chicadee...this is a wonderful decoration idea :) Happy Holidays!


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