Thursday, December 16, 2010

Links and Such

Above: Paint your own little girlfriends, set of four, by gemmielou on etsy- I'm bookmarking this for when Cordelia is older!!!

Typewriter artwork, by Keira Rathbone.

Dollar redesign project: fun ideas, plus I've always thought we needed different size bills for the Blind...

I want to be her (not so hot about the title, I like to be me ; ) but I like the fashion...)

Stirrup Socks: knitting pattern.

Serena & Lily: year end sale 70% off ! ! ! !

James Brown, teaches you to dance.

Colcannon recipe, with Brussel Sprouts- YUM

Organized Simplicity: a new how to book -perfect for those upcoming new year's resolutions!

Oh archeology how I love thee- Storm in Middle East- reveals ancient statue!

Ladybug plays with sprinkles.

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