Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Seashore weekend, in Pictures and Videos

At the last minute on Thursday, we took off to the shore for a long weekend.
It was a relaxing weekend, full of walks on the beach, time spent at the playground and a bit of yard work- 8 bags full of pine needles and other yard debris!

Above: the gang all loaded up on Thursday night.

This season's first trip to Cream Valley, the best soft serve hands down, the babe agrees!

Check out more pictures plus some videos after the jump! 
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"Lady bug" is her most recent word... and here's why

like a muppet walking on the beach...

Horsing around with Dad...

yelling her Dad's name...

Sunday: leaving the shore during nap time. 

1 comment:

bridget anne said...

THE most amazing pup i've seen in awhile. & since i'm sitting in bed for the third day in a row with strep throat, i'm thinking i'd kill for that ice cream cone. xo.


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