Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I've Learned this week and it's Only Tuesday

* Week to week this lesson holds true- the more I take time to explain what we are about to do, the easier she is at easing from one transition to the next... it's less overwhelming for her.

IE: She hates to have water on her face at bath time, so I explain to her before I rinse her hair, how I'm going to lay her back in the tub, she will be safe, doesn't have to be sad or cry, that I'm going to rinse her hair and it will be easy and fast. This works great and I wait to rinse her hair when she is ready. Of course during her little rinse I have to continue to reassure her... but it all works out well.

* I've been rubbing lavender oil on her feet at night before bed, she loves this because she can now say Lab-en-dah and loves smelling it in the garden... not only is it a fun activity but it helps to rehydrate her dry summer sandal toes, while also taking away some of the summer sandal foot funk. PLUS it's a great promise to help ease her into wrapping up bath time "Let's let the water out of the tub and go get our pjs on and put lavender oil on your feet!"

* I've been doing more Love and Logic with her lately- giving her choices (my choices) like- would you like to feed yourself your rice, or would you like Mommy to help?  OR, You can stay here and play with us quietly or you can go in the other room and think about being quiet. (said in response to random screaming)

* Taking extra time at bedtime to reconnect is always a joy, full of unexpected fun and touching moments.

* I've been using her toy bunny to help get some things done... when she resists having her diaper changed, we change bunny's diaper first. We wipe bunny, fasten the diaper and then it's the toddler's turn for a diaper change.  We also use bunny at bedtime- Bunny turns off the light by the rocking chair after we are finished reading books. Sometimes Bunny misbehaves and will turn off the light and then immediately turns it right back on. We roll our eyes at bunny and giggle and then ask nicely with a please and a thank you if bunny will turn the light off again. He responds in his raspy New Yorker voice and the light is turned off and we thank him.

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