Friday, May 18, 2012

What I've been knitting: The "Abigail Cardigan" by Quince and co

This week I finished knitting the "Abigail Cardigan" by quince and co (aptly named). It was the first time I felt as if I knit "fabric", something fine that draped. And with each stitch and every row, at times it felt like I was literally weaving a fiber... in the slowest humanly possible way! As with any knitting project, I learned a lot, and now I'm jumping to start a new project (it gets a little addictive). Above: is the sweater after being "blocked" before adding on the collar.

I was not very adventurous, and chose the yarn Quince and co used in their pattern. The color is called "Oyster" and it's very pretty- like a gray-purple-lilac. A lovely neutral and a color I don't have in my wardrobe.

The sweater is worked from the top down. This section alone took me 5 hours! I'm not a super slow knitter, but I like to think of myself as medium-fast... but with all the increases made for the shoulders... each row just took longer and longer to complete. Plus the beginning of every knitting project tends to go a little slowly as you familiarize yourself with the yarn and pattern.

After reading other reviews of the pattern on Ravelry, I too decided to lengthen the body section by two inches (glad I did!). Here is the pattern picture on the left, with my sweater completed before working the sleeves- on the right. Plus a detail shot of the countless rows.

After working on the sweater for 3 weeks- here it is all finished! The "collar" which is a 2 3/4 inch band added on to the front of the sweater- went a little wonky. IE: I picked up too many stitches which created a bit of a wavy drape as opposed to laying completely flat. It still looks nice and only bothers me in the way some knitting mistakes do- you know it's there, you know it's wrong and even though no one else notices or cares, you do, lol.  You can read more about my knitting experience of the "Abigail Cardigan" on ravelry. Stay tuned for one or two posts with future knitting projects ideas. Have a great weekend!

update: after trying it on once more this morning, I've decide I am going to redo the collar, it bothers me too much... it just won't lay flat in particular areas- especially around the neck. And I figure that it only took me 4-ish hours to knit the collar, which is a drop in the bucket with this project, and I want to be 100% satisfied with something I spent so much time on. If the pattern looked the way the collar turned out, then I'm not sure I would have knit it in the first place... so out it goes. I will share a before and after pic later. ; )

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