Thursday, May 24, 2012

What We're Reading...

We've been reading some great book of late, and I thought I would share some of our favorites. You can really see what we are interested in based on this little collection!

* The first book "Knitted Gifts" is darling and by my favorite knitting blog PurlBee. I love how the book is organized by project duration!

* Free Range Chicken Gardens, was a gift from my aunt and cousin, and the book is AWESOME if you are interested in having backyard chickens. The book teaches you how to construct a chicken friendly garden and how to incorporate chickens into your existing garden- debunking the myth that chickens can ruin your garden if set loose.

* The Beekeeper's Bible is pretty amazing, and has been a great guide as we embark on our first season of beekeeping. You don't have to be a beekeeper to appreciate this one!

* Although our toddler is not yet going to school and carrying a lunch box, this book provides more creative lunch options that are great for both kid and adult!

* Playful Parenting, speaks to the benefits of being more playful with your children and how this approach (in moderation) can help with more tricky situations of discipline, or sorrow. I've always adopted this approach with a balance of seriousness... I learned this while being a camp counselor for a few summers.  Being the goof all the time meant that the kids didn't always take me seriously when I needed them to, especially in a pinch. So I tweaked my strategy and built relationships with a combination of goofiness, trust, and respect which made the campers fall in line when required out of respect for me since I respected them. (it's a good book)

* 15 minutes outside- provides 365 ideas for playing outdoors with your children. There is one idea for each day of the year, keeping with seasonal themes. I'll admit that at first I thought this concept was silly and unnecessary for me. I mean, only 15 minutes outside, come on!? We play for longer stretches outside and does play really need to be that structured!?  But after reading it, I can see how this book will continue to help us with our outdoor adventures as our toddler grows up and might need a little nudge in that direction. Plus it's a great reminder for those busier days, to just slow down and pop outside for those 15 minutes before bath time.  Even though we have a bit of a recess before lunch each day, I've been popping outside with her for the 15 minutes before nap time, and those moments are peaceful, relaxing and full of sweet moments of bonding and cuddling.

So that's what we've been reading! Any good books you're working on!? Would love to hear.

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