Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Love Letter to Spring: Family Edition, the last of the year

For this season's last Love Letter to Spring, I thought I would look back on our own spring... take stock, give thanks, and document our daughter's only spring as a one year old. (Most of these pictures were taken with my cellphone.)

Above: The Husband began beekeeping with my twin brother and sister in law.

The hives at the beginning of spring as seen at my brother's house. They are taller now with more boxes placed on top. (hope to share some updated pics soon)

Easter weekend: My sister and my daughter together on the hammock in my parent's backyard.

The lilac's get a visit from a butterfly. (After this spring the babe can say Lilac, mint, lavender.)

More garden backyard beauties...

The Husband showing and teaching our daughter about acorns and how they grow into trees.

Playing on the driveway one night after dinner.

Chatting with Dad on the hammock

Harvested these peonies from my mom's garden.

being cheeky after nap time

troublemaker the bubble maker

Smothering my daughter on the hammock

little wet footprint.

passing through the neighbor's yard....

Yesterday's memorial day parade with Aunt Hannah in Kennett Sq PA.

running through the grass...

I hope you all had a lovely spring! This past weekend really felt like summer is officially here... thus my weekly Monday Love Letter to Summer will start next week. Have a good one!

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